gregory forstner

G.Forstner:studio - copie.jpg

I am privileged to know Greg. An accomplished painter his works are frequently exhibited around the world. A Brooklyite with a studio in Bushwick and an apt in Bed Stuy he was born in the Cameroon to French and Austrian parents. As a child he appeared in "The Big Blue" the cult diving movie directed by Luc Besson. He is a free spirit on the waves of time. He makes me laugh and think with his paintings. I have been to his studio. The first thing that strikes you is the enormity of his paintings. The physical and narrative.

Greg studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, the Villa Arson in Nice and The Academy of Fine Arts in Paris he also studied at my school of cooking a full Irish breakfast and passed with honors. 

Some of his painting can be seen below. For more info click here